Carey Mathews
Rojo Diablo

Carey Mathews a singer songwriter from small town north Florida.  We are looking forward to his debut album "Nothing Box", scheduled for release in Summer of 2018

MoonWax Records' flagship band, Society Down, comes at you with riff-driven thrash metal that combines raging riffs, power grooves, searing vocals with vocal harmonies. We're looking forward to their upcoming debut release, "Don't Quit Yer Day Job" in Summer of 2018. .

John Dekle, Jewel Dekle, and Jessa Dekle

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MoonWax Artists
John Dekle

Rojo Diablo is in the studio finishing tracking on their debut album, which consists of 10 powerful metal songs scheduled for release in 2018

John Dekle

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Matt Watts

Matt is a multi-talented wonder residing in North Florida. Always in high demand as a drummer, he is also an accomplished vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.