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Carey Mathews
Summer Release 2018

A few samples from the upcoming Society Down album release scheduled for Summer of 2018

Rojo Diablo is the loudest metal band on the planet.  They are in the final stages of tracking a debut album with ten original songs.  If you like ear thundering stoner metal with dark lyrics and guitar wizardry served over heavy grooves, you will enjoy Rojo Diablo.   

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Rojo Diablo
2018 Release

Carey Mathews is an original hippie singer songwriter with soaring vocals over acoustic guitar, accompanied by friends who stopped by the studio on various instruments .  The debut 9 track album is scheduled for release in Summer of 2018.   

Society Down
Summer Release 2018​

Society Down is a 4 piece metal band preparing to release their debut album "Don't Quit Yer Day Job" in summer of 2018.  If you like Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, D.R.I. and similar music, you need to check out Society Down.  It's a blend of old-school metal with a fresh twist.