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​Moonwax provides state of the art gear to record everything from spoken word to large bands. Rates vary by the hour based on the specifics of each project. We have the ability to isolate sound and record up to sixteen channels simultaneously, which allows us to provide you with an affordable, professional recording in less time. Contact us today to discuss your project and obtain pricing.

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Label Representation

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Bad news first… Moonwax was founded by a coporate contract lawyer. Good news? Moonwax was founded by a corporate contract lawyer with a maniacal desire to start a grassroots movement that exposes the fraud the remaining major labels perpetrate on our ears. Great music still exists! We don’t hear your image, and we definitely don’t want to auto-tune your whole album just because you have “the look”.  We do honest music.

Label artists will receive the following services:

  • Studio time
  • Recording services (tracking, mixing, mastering)
  • Music publishing (physical and digital)
  • Copyright and licensing agreements
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Artist Web Page and Merchandise store
  • Photo an video promotion
  • Royalty collection and distribution
  • Band Agreement